There is so much inaccurate information online. It’s hard for patients to find credible answers to questions they have about their IBD.

We are a growing community of doctors and patients that are passionate about helping others live better lives. Our doctors are often speaking at Crohn’s and colitis patients forums to hundreds of patients, but there are so many patients that can’t make it out to those valuable sessions. So, the doctors want a bigger stage — the internet. That way they can help thousands of patients.

“Trusted Therapies has been a valuable resource to the IBD community, and I love that the information provided covers the latest in IBD research.”

– Eric Polsinelli – VeganOstomy Blog: IBD

Ask questions to Crohn’s and colitis doctors and get answers

Use our forum to start discussions. Our team of doctors and experienced patients are active daily and are happy to help people others.

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Trusted Therapies creates new content every week, whether it be articles from doctors, or from our patient ambassadors who are credible, passionate sources of knowledge.


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Keeping track of your health is crucial with lifelong diseases. Not only can you keep track of your own personal results, you can see how you compare to thousands of other patients.

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