pros and cons of anesthesia for colonoscopy Nov 18th
I have chronic pouchitis and have had two bowel obstructions. As a result, I get regular flex sigs done with balloon dilatation every 3-6 month. Is it safe to have that done so often? Nov 16th
I have antibiotic dependent Pouchitis. Cipro works for me but my doctor has me trying Cortifoam alternating with Cipro on two-week cycles. He told me try try every other day cycles next but I find that it isn’t working well. Is it okay to stay on Cipro long Term? Should I try biological, and if so, which one? Nov 16th
Long-term effects of Cortifoam Oct 25th
What are the best tests to poinpoint the cause of upper intential bleeding? Oct 18th
Should I avoid remicade? Oct 18th
Blood Clots Oct 4th
Is the RemiStart (Remicade rebate program) available in Canada Sep 25th
Crohn’s Vaccine Sep 8th
What are the issues related to eye infections/sight with UC? Sep 7th
Collagenous colitis Aug 8th
What are the most common menstruation problems/conditions caused by Crohn’s or UC? Jul 12th
Treating Abscess or Fistula for Crohn’s sufferer Jul 6th
Diagnosing fistula for a Crohn’s sufferer Jul 4th
I have been prescribed Remecade infusion. i am going every 2 months but i informed my Dr. that i felt low coverage starting three weeks prior to infusion. Dr. has doubled my dose without even taking a look? Jun 11th
Budesonide for crohn’s colitis instead of prednisone? Jun 8th
Missing more than one dose Jun 4th
Some studies suggest that long term use of Azathioprine may cause birth defects and lower male fertility. Is this true for males? Jun 1st
Are biomarker tests being used in canada? May 9th
Would you recommend omega 3 for children with Crohn’s and if so how can we find “enteric coated omega 3”? Apr 21st
My father was from Greece, could I have Behcet’s instead of Crohn’s? Apr 20th
Am I going to be on drugs forever? Apr 6th
Can drinking alcohol chronically lead to IBD? Mar 28th
Use of Cannabis CBD in treating UC Mar 22nd
What are the long term affects of reoccurring Pouchitis? Mar 9th
Subclinical inflammation Mar 5th
Is there a negative interaction between Tylenol and mezavant? Feb 19th
What is the connection between Accutane and IBD? Feb 4th
Fluffy floating stool Feb 4th
I have just recently been told I have ulcerative colitis… Feb 1st
Are there any new treatments for chronic pouchitis? Jan 27th
Stay on Humira? Jan 7th
modulen ibd nutrition drink and inflamation? Dec 18th
A different 5ASA during flare? Dec 14th
Is it possible to have crohn’s and never have symptoms? Dec 3rd
Joint pain Nov 14th
Cambio de Remicade a Humira Nov 5th
Stopping Humira when there is another infection in my body Oct 22nd
Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Oct 14th
CalProtectin Test Oct 9th
Life insurance with Ulcerative Colitis Sep 30th
Sobre Sudamerica, Chile. Sep 12th
NICE overturning decision on Entyvio Sep 2nd
Followup Sep 2nd
When does surgery become a consideration for treating ulcerative colitis? Aug 31st
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Deciphering between a flare or a hemorrhoid Aug 23rd
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Help with a 10-month long flareup Aug 5th
going for a colonoscopy in 4 days Aug 1st
DHEAS Jul 30th
Can onset of non-GI autoimmune disease correlate with developing an IBD? Jul 29th
Food’s effect on colitis Jul 22nd
NSAIDS/Anti-inflammatory drugs & UC Jul 9th
Stop medication? Jul 6th
Medications after Colonectomy Jul 1st
research on methotrexate and Humiras together Jun 29th
Long term prednisone Jun 25th
Remicade Infusions While Travelling Jun 25th
Possible to have Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis? Jun 23rd
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Taking Acutane for someone with ulcerative colitis? Jun 18th
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Vedolizumab first line therapy? Jun 13th
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N-A-G (N-acetyl-glucosamine) for Crohn’s? Jun 10th
Medication or no medication? Jun 9th
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How often should I get a colonoscopy? May 9th
UC patient with skin cancer history? Apr 24th
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IBD and Working out Feb 17th
Pain Medication Feb 9th
Taking Probiotics Jan 27th
vasovagal episodes Jan 7th
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Anti-MAP therapy and Crohn’s disease Nov 26th
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Will they ever find a cure for Crohn’s disease? Oct 29th

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