There is an endless amount of medical information online today, yet it is incredibly hard for patients with chronic diseases to find detailed, trustworthy information to answer their questions. It is this lack of quality information online that causes doctors to steer patients away from “Dr. Google”, yet, patients still go online in search of answers because they don’t have enough time with their doctors or because questions arise when they aren’t with their doctors. Something needs to change.

We are here to empower patients and improve their health.
At Trusted Therapies, we are bringing together passionate international experts to answer questions that patients ask us every day. We are excited to share our knowledge with a much larger audience of patients than we can see in our practices.

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Dr. Brian Bressler

About Dr. Bressler

After specializing in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis at Harvard, I became very active in patient education and Crohn’s and colitis research.

Ranked in the top 50 Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis experts in the world out of 50,000 gastroenterologists.

Current roles:

  • Gastroenterologist at St. Paul’s Hospital
  • Consulting Staff Physician within the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, in the Division of Gastroenterology at the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Department of Medicine.
  • Director of the Advanced Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) training program at UBC
  • Lead IBD researcher at the GI Research Institute.